Are Air Fryers Healthy?

Healthy Hot Air FryersCooking with an air fryer involves minimal oil or even no oil.

Are air fryers really healthier compared to deep fryers?

Is hot air frying truly low fat cooking – minus the unwanted fat and calories?

To answer that question, we should know what is an air fryer and how does it work.

What Is An Air Fryer

It is a modern kitchen appliance that uses heated hot air to cook food instead of a container of smoking hot oil as in the deep fryer.

A revolutionary hot air frying machine that not only fries your food but roast, grill and bake them as well using as little as 1 tablespoon of oil.

This hot air multi cooker can also heat up frozen meals or reheat leftover food to its original crispiness!

It also cooks fast.

It is really a good option if you are a busy mom  as your kids won’t have to wait ages before dinner is ready. Kids do get irritable when hungry.

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Healthy Home Hot Air Fryer

Philips Hot Air Cooker 1.8lb. capacity

Philips Air Fryer
1.8lb cooking basket capacity

Do you love deep-fried food? I mean, who doesn’t?

The oil and fat makes the food moist, tender and tasty.

However, too much fat, especially saturated fat, in your diet causes weight gain and affects your cholesterol count as well as clog your arteries.

Deep fried food has a high fat content as cooking oil is absorbed during the frying process.


Healthier options such as hot air frying uses much less oil or no oil.

Air Fryer Technology

The hot air technology works in such a way that food is not only cooked using no oil or just a tablespoon of oil, it also expels excess oil from the food itself.

Meat ingredients end up with less of their original fat inside the food.

Food ingredients with fat content such as frozen cooked food or meat stuff needs no additional oil when cooked in the hot air deep fryer.

Food stuff with hardly any fat content such as home prepared fries need only a tablespoonful of oil to give the food a crispy exterior , fluffy interior as well as the nice golden color associated with deep frying.

Fat Content In Air Fried French Fries

Air fried French fries contain as much as 70 – 80% less fat than those sold in fast food outlets.

According to the Tefal site, the air fried French fries contain less than 3% fat.

According to the nutritional facts released by McDonald here, a medium portion of French fries (3.9) oz. contains 340 calories with 140 calories from fat. It has a 24% fat content.

Just imagine – if you eat fast food fries on a very regular basis, the amount of fat and calories do add up, right?

The 1 tablespoon of oil used for hot air frying is significantly lower than the 1-4 quarts used for deep frying.

Healthy cooking oils

Healthier cooking oils are normally more expensive.

Healthier oils are less processed and contain low amounts of saturated fat and higher amounts of unsaturated fat.

100% Roasted Walnut Oil

100% walnut oil Perfect for sauteing, baking, dipping, blending into a dressing/sauce, or drizzling on a finished dish.

With the home air fryer, you can afford to use the more expensive healthy oil as such a small amount is used during cooking.

You can also choose more healthy oils high in monounsaturated fat such as peanut oil and olive oil.

Polyunsaturated oils such as canola oil and heart healthy omega 3 rich walnut oil are good oils too. Add it to your grilled meat for that gourmet taste.

Reusing used oil is not healthy and with hot air frying unlike deep frying, there is no oil wastage or used oil being reused.

You get to save on oil expenses too since you are using less oil.

User Friendly Healthy Hot Air Fryer

You can have the comfort of knowing that your teenager will be cooking healthy low fat meals for himself/herself instead of getting fat-laden fast food at the corner store.

Yes, you can call it yummy goodness that is low in fat calories.

Quality and taste is not compromised even though most times you do not need to add additional oil to your food cooking in the air fryer.

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What’s the best air fryer for you?

Put back the fun and joy into your cooking.

Easy to use and equally easy to clean with not much skill needed as everything is done inside the machine, cooking is no longer burnt food and a messy nightmare.

The 2 earliest brands released are Philips air fryer and Tefal Actifry fryer. Do check out the reviews on these 2 hot air frying machines before buying.

The GoWise USA air fryers come in a number of different sizes ranging from the small compact 2.75 qt to the big 12.7 qt air fryer oven.

You’ll definitely get one that caters to your needs and budget.

Now, you can enjoy healthy tasty home-cooked meals with your family.

Avoid the temptation of fattening comfort foods from the fast food outlets, reach out to your healthy air fryer instead.

Reducing fat intake leads to reducing calories intake. Too much oily food is bad for weight management as well as your heart.

Cooking healthy food is a continuous and endless challenge, especially for busy moms who wish the best for their children.

With the easy to use and fast to cook hot air deep fryer, the task is certainly less of a hassle.

So, is the air fryer good for you?

Cook And Eat With Healthy Choices

Your health is connected to your diet and lifestyle.

The healthy home hot air fryer does offer you a good option for low or minimal fat cooking of your favorite comfort foods.

A fulfilling healthy delicious meal is one of life’s greatest joy.

Make cooking and eating healthy one of your many priorities in life.


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