Charbroil Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer Review

Charbroil Big Easy Ttru-infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer ReviewMost people are put off with deep frying a turkey because of the big pot of boiling oil and the dangers involved with handling this big vat of hot oil.

The Charbroil Big Easy oil less turkey fryer offers a safer option as no hot oil is involved.

You get the added benefit of a low fat meal with much reduced calories compared to the one that is deep fried.

Besides, it frees up your oven for your other Thanksgiving side dishes.

With no used oil to filter or dispose off, this feature is certainly a great advantage of the oil free propane turkey fryer.

Oh yes, besides saving on expensive peanut oil, you do not have to worry about oil splatters or spills.

This is an outdoor infrared turkey fryer (Model 17102065) which uses propane as its energy source.

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Charbroil Big Easy Turkey Fryer – Tru Infrared Gas Oil Less Turkey Fryer (latest model :17102065)

What Is An Oil Less Turkey Fryer? How Does Charbroil Big Easy Work?

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

No fats, lard or oil are needed when using the oil free turkey cooker. The Big Easy infrared turkey fryer makes use of Tru Infrared cooking technology to cook the bird.

The turkey ends up moist inside with a browned and crispy skin.

Tru infrared cooking system redistributes the radiant heat ensuring even cooking with no hot or cold spots.

The infrared uses the radiant heat to seal in the juices.

Do check the video below to know more about the Charbroil Tru Infrared cooking technology.

The Charbroil Big Easy doubled wall cylindrical cooking chamber is powered by a 20 pound propane tank. It cannot be used with natural gas.

This greaseless propane turkey fryer must be used outdoors.

It is very hands-free once the turkey is put inside the cooking chamber.

Unlike deep frying in hot oil, you do not have to sit next to the fryer and keep watch over your turkey.

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Cooking Steps Inside The Cooking Chamber

  • The propane gas heats up the air in the space between the double walls.
  • This heated air in turn warms up the cooking chamber.
  • The cooking chamber having absorbed the heat, now radiates it out to the food as Tru infrared heat.
  • This radiant heat penetrates deep into the food cooking it.
  • Resulting food is moist and tender.

How Long Does It Take To Cook The Turkey In The Big Easy Frying Machine?

The infrared cooker takes about 10 – 15 minutes per pound of turkey for the bird to be properly cooked.

The chicken will need about 15 minutes per pound whereas pork or beef roasts will need about 30 minutes per pound of the roast.

You can fry a turkey up to a maximum of 16 pounds.

The 15 pound bird will take about 2 hour 30 minutes before it is ready. It might take longer if it is snowing and outdoor temperature is low.

Use the food meat thermometer to make sure internal temperature of turkey is at least 165°F.

As for pork, lamb or beef roasts, internal temperature has to be at least 145°F.

As for ham, make sure internal temperatures reaches 140°F.

Depending on ambient temperature, the Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer is able to reach cooking temperatures between 275°F – 600°F.

[alert-announce]Make sure turkey is completely thawed before putting it into the fryer[/alert-announce]

Turkey Fryer Parts

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-less Turkey FryerThe basic turkey fryer includes the enamel coated steel cooker, cooking basket, lifter, removable pull-out grease tray for easy cleaning, mesh lid, meat thermometer, and quick start cooking guide.

You’ll have to buy the propane tank separately (For safety reasons, make sure the propane tank is at least 24″ away from the fryer)

The wire mesh lid is best used when the bird is almost ready. Cover with the lid towards the end of cooking time to get more even browning of the turkey skin.

However, when it is very cold outdoors, then it is recommended that you cover the fryer for the entire cooking process.

The main aim of the mesh lid is to reflect infrared heat back into the cooking chamber.

The grease tray can be used to collect the drippings for your gravy. Homemade gravy is such a nice addition to your fried turkey. Always reheat drippings before using (until 180°F).

The larger size Big Easy smoker roaster and grill comes with a top cooking grate and lid. You can grill and smoke your food as well. This can cook a turkey up to 25 lbs.

You can buy another roaster basket if you need a replacement one. The basket measures 10″D x 11.43″H.

Big Easy Turkey Fryer Accesories (Buy Separately)

You get the choice to buy separately additional turkey fryer accessories that make it easier to cook more items in the cooker.

This opens out more cooking options such as kebabs, ribs, cooking 2 chicken at the same time etc.

You get to cook small food items with these accessories.

You can also buy the oil less turkey fryer accessories as a package or as individual accessory.

These accessories are dishwasher safe. Wash them on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Leg Racks For Big Easy Turkey Fryer (Buy Separately)

chicken-leg-racks-for-the-big-easy-oil-less-turkey-fryerYou can buy this set on its own. This separate set of leg racks includes 2 separate racks.

You can use both at the same time by latching them onto the frying basket. However, for best results, do not put more than 2 racks inside the fryer at the same time.

These make cooking chicken wings and legs easier.

Estimate your cooking time to be about 15 minutes per pound of chicken. A meat thermometer is recommended to make sure that meat is properly cooked.

Leg racks are meant for legs and wings only. They cannot support a whole chicken.

Do take note that this set is meant for Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer and not suitable for use in the bigger size Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill.

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22-Piece Turkey Fryer Accessory Kit (Model 7238884 – Buy Separately)

the-big-easy-22-piece-turkey-fryer-accessory-kitThis turkey accessory kit comprises 4 boneless rib hooks, 2 leg racks, 6 easy-out rib hooks, 8 skewers, easy-load kabob holder and a basket lifter.

With the chicken leg racks, you can hang 12 wings or legs to cook inside the fryer.

Hook up the boneless ribs with the boneless rib hooks and hang them inside the basket, switch on fryer and have tasty ribs in just 30 minutes.

You get to cook 8 kebabs using the skewers in this accessory set.

There is a smaller set that consists of 15 items. This 15 piece accessory set does not come with the 6 easy-out rib hooks.

Char-broil Big Easy Rack Rib Hooks (Buy separately)

Char-Broil Big Easy Rib HooksThese rack rib hooks are custom designed for the Big Easy cookers.

Just hang these rib hooks inside the cooking basket that comes with the Big Easy fryer.


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Char-Broil The Big Easy Bunk Bed Basket (Buy Separately)

char-broil-the-big-easy-bunk-bed-basketYou can fry 2 chickens at the same time using this bunk bed basket (Model 6584315).

With a durable chrome finish and being dishwasher safe makes this 9″ diameter bunk bed basket an appealing piece of accessory.

This will prove extremely useful if you need to cook more than 1 bird at your get-together.

It will easily hook up onto your fryer basket.

It is also great for cooking smaller food items such as vegetables, wings etc. besides adding additional cooking space.


Char-Broil Big Easy Stackable Oven (Model 2669683 – Buy separately)

char-broil-big-easy-stackable-ovenThis is great for cooking lasagne, pizza or cakes.

It has a stackable design with a solid metal lid. You can fit in 3 of these ovens into your Charbroil oil less fryer, stacked one on top of the other.

You can bake 3 different food items at the same time.

It measures 10″ Dia x 5″ H.

The hole in the center has a diameter of 3.68″.

You do not have to rotate the ovens if using more than one.

The oven sits inside the cooking chamber. The cooking basket is not needed.

Cover the fryer with the lid when using the stackable oven.


Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey Fryer Custom Cover (Buy Separately)

Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer CoverMade of rugged heavy duty grey PVC with a brushed knit lining, this turkey fryer cover protects your fryer from scratches as well as water, snow, wind, and assorted debris.

It measures 20.5″ in height and 23.5″ in diameter.

It comes with an upper side vent to let out moisture thus keeping your fryer dry.

This cover is especially useful if you’re storing your fryer outside on the patio.

Click here for more info on the turkey fryer cover

Dimensions/Weight Of Turkey Fryer

  • Width (Diameter) : 16.3″
  • Depth : 20.8″
  • Height : 23.5″
  • Weight : 35 lbs

Main Burner BTUs



All parts : 1 year from date of purchase


  • No oil frying – safer – no flare ups due to over flowing hot oil
  • Easy to use – 2 buttons only
  • Rotary ignition allows for easy lighting
  • Even heating of food – no hot or cold spots
  • Healthy deep frying – no added oil to turkey
  • Seasoned rubs and injectable marinades possible – no oil to wash it away
  • No waiting for oil to heat up


  • Only cook turkey up to a maximum of 16 pounds
  • Cannot do a low country boil of crawfish, crabs etc
  • No smoke box for wood chips (The Char-Broil electric Smoker and Roaster with SmartChef technology does come with smoke box)
  • Using a sugary rub or glaze can also cause the skin to cook faster resulting in undercooked inner parts

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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of The Big Easy Turkey Fryer

  • The inner body of the Big Easy should be seasoned before the initial use.
  • You can season the inside of the Big Easy with canola or vegetable oil
  • Always clean the fryer after each cooking session
  • For best results, turn the temperature control knob to highest setting and always monitor the internal temperature of the food
  • Turkey should be at room temperature before placing in the Big Easy. Food should be at least 40°F before cooking in the fryer.
  • Leave the lid open until the last 15 minutes. Closing the lid for the last 15 minutes ensure a crispier skin. Closing it for the entire cooking session might result in the exterior of the food getting burnt while the interior is not yet fully cooked.
  • For crispier skin, put the mesh lid about 15 minutes before cooking is completed.
  • Using a sugary rub or glaze can cause the skin to cook faster. This might result in a burnt skin before the interior could be fully cooked.
  • When cooking chicken wings, the Big Easy Leg Racks (model 3848975) are recommended
  • The leg racks will attach to the roaster basket and allow you to cook chicken wings and legs.
  • If you intend to cook 2 chickens at the same time, then use the Big Easy Bunk Bed Roaster Basket model 6584315
  • When cooking turkey, the breast of the bird should be facing up.
  • When cooking prime rib, the fatty side should be facing up
  • It is possible to use the Big Easy for a seafood boil, you’ll need a separate container/pot to hold the water. You cannot just pour water into the cooking chamber.
  • Keep LP tank at a minimum distance of 24” (inches) away from the fryer at all times.

How To Clean The Big Easy Fryer

  • Switch on the fryer to cook for approximately 15 minutes with the wire mesh lid on.
  • This helps to burn off any excess grease and food debris remaining on the cooking basket or that has accumulated in the bottom of the cooking chamber
  • Once the unit has cooled down, use a grill brush to remove any remaining food debris still stuck in the cooking chamber. Once done, lift it out to empty it
  • The wire basket can be washed in the sink or dishwasher
  • The grease tray can be cleaned with soap and water. Using disposable food-safe aluminum liners for the grease tray will make clean-up much easier
  • Grease tray comes with a painted surface and is not dishwasher safe
  • The exterior surface of the Big Easy can be cleaned with soap and water
  • It is not necessary to coat the inside with oil and burn it off after each use


There are lots of positive feedback from consumers reviews. With the oil less fryer, you do get moist and juicy turkey, ribs, chicken etc.

There is less mess to clean up as no oil is involved. You get to save on oil too.

As you do not have to stand in front of the fryer with watchful eyes, you can attend to other tasks.

Frying a turkey without using hot oil comes with less risk of getting scalded or burning the house down.

Yes, I would certainly consider getting one for a more hassle-free turkey frying experience.

Video On Charbroil Tru Infrared Technology

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