Electric Turkey Fryer 15 L, Nesco (Chard EDF) Black

Chard Electric Turkey FryerAn electric turkey fryer such as the Nesco -15 Electric Turkey Fryer for Turkey/Fish/Fries and Wings, 15-Liter (16 quarts), Black makes deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey more hassle-free compared to deep frying in oil using the outdoor propane turkey fryer.

There is no open flame to worry about.

Neither do you have to worry about the weather as the Nesco electric turkey fryer can be used indoors.

The taste from a deep fried turkey is truly amazing – succulent, moist and delicious with an awesome skin texture.

If you’ve tried a deep fried turkey, you might not want to go back to the roasted bird any more.

Nesco (Chard )Electric Turkey Fryer – Important Features


Chard EDF-15 16 Quart Electric Turkey FryerThe turkey fryer is made of glass and polypropylene.

It comes with a removable aluminum 16 qt (15 liter) pot, see-through lid, cooking strainer basket with bail handle and a lifting hook.

The strainer basket with handle is great for blanching or steaming vegetables to go with your fried turkey meal.

Besides deep frying your turkey, fish, fries etc, you can also use it for steaming and boiling such as boiling crabs.

This indoor electric turkey fryer does not come with spigot for draining out the used oil.

You’ll have to wait for the oil to cool down and then pump it out using the oil filter reuse pump.


Temperature/Timer Control

You can start off at a temperature of 260°F by turning the variable temperature knob. It comes with auto-shut off feature when cooking is done.

Highest temperature reached is 375°F.

For fried turkey, the meat thermometer poke into the thickest part of the thigh should read 180°F and 165°F for the breast.

You can fit in a turkey with a maximum weight of 18 pounds into the inner 16 qt aluminum pot.

Timer is set at a maximum of 90 minutes.

Estimated cooking time is about 3.5 minutes per pound of the bird.

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23″ L x 18″ W x 17″ H

19.3 pounds

Easy Cleaning

The 16 quarts inner aluminum pot, cooking strainer basket and the heating element can be easily removed for cleaning.

It is advised to clean thoroughly after every frying session.

Safety Features

ETL approved – Safety approved according to North American standards.

Auto shut-down feature prevents over frying.

Break away magnetic cord ensures that the fryer will not topple when cord is accidentally pulled.

Wattage: 1700 watts

The high wattage ensures quick oil recovering temperature when raw turkey is lowered into hot oil


  • Can be used indoors, even in an apartment
  • High voltage ensures fast heat-up and quick recovery
  • Removable inner pot and heating element for easy cleaning


  • No spigot or drain valve to drain out used oil (However, some consider it easier to clean without this feature and there is no leaking problem). You need to buy an oil pump or remove heating element, take out the aluminum pot and then pour out the oil
  • Magnetic power cord falls off too easily

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Brine Your Turkey

Brining your turkey for more than 10 hours (15-20hrs) hours before frying get you your best tasting turkey ever. It greatly improves the flavor and juiciness of your fried turkey.

Make your own salt brine solution with spices such as black peppercorn, rosemary, salt etc. or purchase a commercial turkey brine seasoning.

Using a seasoning injector would also get you a well seasoned and moist turkey.

Make sure turkey is dry before deep frying in peanut oil.


chard-edf-15-electric-turkey-fryer-for-turkeyThe Nesco (Chard edf 15)

electric turkey fryer is simple to use.

Set the temperature to about 350 – 375°F, let the oil boil until it reaches the desired temperature and then slowly lower in your thoroughly thawed, dried and seasoned turkey.

Set the timer depending on how big is your bird, about 3.5 – 4 minutes per pound of bird.

The see through lid makes it easy to check on the turkey inside the fryer.


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