Buying A Deep Fryer – Best Deep Fryer For Home Kitchen

Best Deep Fryer For Home KitchenWhich part of the process do you hate most when deep frying at home?

Pouring out the used oil?

Filtering the oil? Then, you’ll love the deep fryer with oil filtration feature.

Are you looking for a home deep fryer with all the fancy features?

Do you need a large fryer or a small deep fat fryer with 4 – 8 cups oil capacity will do?

Home deep fat fryers normally come in 1 – 5 L ( 1 liter is about 0.3 gallon) capacity.

You can also get commercial grade ones for home use in the 6L range.

The Secura 4.2L deep fat fryer with 3 baskets – 1 big and 2 smaller ones – (review below) can feed a family of 5 – 6 members.

Are you cooking a large amount of food most times? Then you’ll need a large fryer with a quick recovery time.

A fryer with immersed heating element allows for quick recovery of oil.

A large capacity deep fryer also retains heat better due to its higher volume of oil used.

An electric deep fryer with 2 or 3 baskets enables 2 different types of food to be fried at the same time.

Do you hate the cleaning part? Cleaning the oily pot is no joke!

Well, get one with easy clean feature whereby the oil pan as well as lid, basket can be removed and clean in the dishwasher.

The removable heating element attached to the control panel ensures hassle-free cleaning.

Deep Fryer With Oil Filtration

Oil Filtration System - T fal Deep FryerA deep fryer with patented oil filtration system takes care of the tedious task of draining and filtering of the used oil for future uses.

The whole process is automatically done.

All you have to do is just turn the dial to auto oil filtering.

The T-fal FR8000 (review below) is one such deep fryer machine with this feature.

There are also some fryers that come with a drain spout which allows the used oil to flow out from the frying chamber. However, you’ll have to filter the oil yourself.

Filtering the oil after every use improves its quality and lifespan.

Deep Fryer With Oil Odor Filter

A carbon mesh wire or stainless steel oil filter located in the lid cover helps to minimize oil vapor and odor in your kitchen. These filters absorb grease and odor.

Some fryers come with permanent metal oil filters that do not need changing whereas some are fitted with charcoal grease filters that need replacement.

Deep Fryer With Thermostat Temperature Control

The deep fat fryer with thermostat control or an advanced oil temperature heating system ensures that the oil is heated to and maintained at the ideal frying temperature.

This ensures quick sealing of the exterior of the food and minimizes oil absorption.

Now this feature is great as you do not have to worry and keep checking that the temperature is at the ideal range.

However, the clip-on deep fry thermometer is still recommended even though your fryer comes with thermostat control. It’s important to know what temperature you’re frying your food.

Easy Clean Fryer

An easy clean deep fryer allows for the whole fryer to be disassembled for cleaning purposes. One that comes with a removable oil pan makes cleaning more hassle-free. You do not have to carry the whole fryer to the sink.

Deep Fryer With Lid

The closed lid during deep frying helps in minimizing oil splatters and oil vapors on the counter top. This in turn minimizes the odor of frying in the kitchen.

The lid with a viewing window makes it easy to check on the food inside the fryer without the risk of getting splattered by boiling oil.

Some fryers come with basket that can be lowered into the oil with the lid closed. This minimizes messy splatters.

Best Deep Fat Fryer For Home Use

T-fal EZ Clean 3.5L Deep Fryer

No matter how demanding your home kitchen, you can rest assured that you”ll be able to buy the best deep fryer for home use according to your budget and needs.

Large Deep Fat Fryers

Let’s check out these 2 popular large deep fat home fryer machines meant for home use.

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy to clean 3.5-Liter Fry Basket Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer

If you are looking for a fryer that has oil filtering feature, then the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy Deep Fryer is a good example.

Special features of the T fal FR8000 deep fat fryer

  • Auto Oil filtering system
  • Permanent odor filter
  • Thermostat control
  • Easy clean feature
  • A single frying basket
  • A 3.5L oil capacity bowl
  • Lid with viewing window
Automatic oil filtering

The excellent patented automatic oil filtering feature is indeed a big time saver. When frying is completed, just flip the lever over to the automatic oil filter setting. It automatically filters the oil when it has cooled down. The oil drains into a plastic container located below the reservoir.

Then you turn the knob to the ‘oil box position’ to remove the oil box with the filtered oil.

Permanent odor filter

Another nice feature is its permanent odor filter that minimizes the smell of frying in your kitchen. This metallic filter does not need to be changed.

Temperature control
T fal Easy Clean Deep Fryer Temperature Control

T fal Easy Clean Deep Fryer Temperature Control Panel

Its advanced oil temperature heating system ensures the ideal frying temperature is maintained throughout the frying process.

It is important to maintain the ideal oil temperature at 375 degrees F.

At this temperature, the water inside the food turns to steam thereby cooking the food from outside inwards.

Very little oil soaks into the food.


Measuring 18.7-inches long x 13.5-inches wide x 14.7-inches deep, this stainless steel deep fryer comes with a sturdy frying basket that has a hook for hanging onto the support on the inner bowl for the oil to drip out.

The magnetic safety power cord measures a bit less than 34″.

It weighs 15.3 pounds.

Wattage : 1700 watts

Voltage : 110V

Easy Clean

As for easy cleaning, you can put the lid, frying basket and insert pan or bowl into the dishwasher. The oil box is also dishwasher safe.

The handle of the basket can be folded into the basket when storing.

The heating element is attached to the control panel. It is removable from the main fryer body for easy cleaning.

Oil Capacity

With an oil capacity of 3.5 liters, a food capacity of 2.65 pounds and an immersed heating element, it runs at 1700 watts allowing for quick recovery of optimal frying temperature when food is submerged inside the oil.

There is a minimum and maximum oil level marked on the oil reservoir/bowl. You’ll need about 12 cups (2.8L) oil to reach the minimum level and about 14 cups oil (3.5L) to reach the maximum level.

There are customers who commented that if you fill the oil above the maximum line, then the oil will leak out during draining.

The frying basket too has a maximum food level marking. Putting in food above the maximum level will also result in oil overflowing.

Lid with viewing window

It has a viewing window lid for easy checking of food. This reduces risk of oil splattering on you besides minimizing the smell of deep fat frying.


There is a 1-year limited warranty.

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[alert-announce]T fal FR8000 can only be connected to socket with a load of at least 15A[/alert-announce]

KRUPS, Professional Deep Fryer with 3 Frying Baskets and Timer, Stainless Steel KJ502D51

KRUPS, Professional Deep Fryer with 3 Frying Baskets, Stainless Steel KJ502D51

This deep fryer with countdown timer (60 minutes) and adjustable heat control comes with 3 frying baskets, one large and 2 smaller baskets.

The baskets come fitted with hooks that allow you to hook the basket onto the edge of the fryer for oil draining purposes.

With a 1800 watts immersion heating element, you can expect oil recovery temperature to be fast. It comes with a minimum and maximum fill marking on the inner side of the oil chamber.

The large family size Krups deep fryer comes with 4 preset modes for some common food items such as French Fries, Onion Rings, Doughnuts or Chicken. The fryer automatically adjusts the temperature and timer.

The 4.5 liter removable oil tank makes cleaning up easy.

Its adjustable heat control ranges from 250 – 375 degrees F. An indicator light goes off when the selected ideal temperature has been reached.

Its intergrated filter minimizes odor in your kitchen. The filter is located in the lid.

Its automatic adjustable timer is up to 60 minutes. The fryer will shut down when 60 minutes is reached. The ready indicator light alerts you to the completed frying process.

To start the frying process, you have to start the timer. There is no on/off switch. The oil is ready for frying when green light goes off.

With a see-through window in the lid, it is easy to take a peep at your food frying in the basket.

It comes with a magnetic safety plug and is ETL listed.

You can’t fry a whole turkey in this fryer. For that, you’ll need a proper turkey fryer.

The Krups deep fat fryer with temperature control and digital timer does not come with a spout to drain the oil. You have to remove the heating element and basket. Then, lift up the oil pot and manually pour out the oil.

It comes with only one oil chamber/bowl.


  • 3 frying baskets
  • 1800 watts immersion heating element for quick oil recovery
  • 4.5 liter removable oil tank for easy cleaning
  • Integrated odor removal filter
  • Timer shuts down the fryer when cycle completed – no risk of over frying
  • See-through lid makes it easy to check on food
  • Magnetic plug disconnect too easily whenever you bump into fryer
  • No oil spout for easy draining of oil from fryer

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Mini Deep Fat Fryers

A compact mini deep fryer will be great for those who stay alone, college students or those who cook just one or two portions of food most days as well as those with limited kitchen space.

You’ll need a deep fryer that uses a small amount of oil. Try to buy one that has a frying basket, removable oil pot for easy cleaning and comes with temperature control for a more hassle-free deep frying experience.

If you love homemade fries or have a sudden craving for the perfect fries, then a small deep fat fryer is perfect. Oven cooked fries are never the same compared to real deep fried French fries, right? Deep fryers make awesome fries. (Unless you are into low fat, then the more expensive low fat hot air fryer comes highly recommended).

The best small deep fryers for home use needs much less oil compared to the large capacity deep fryers. The mini compact fryer uses about 1 – 2L (1L = 1.06 quarts = 4.2 cups) of oil. You wouldn’t want to use a lot of oil to fry just one chicken drumstick. The small deep fryer machine uses oil more efficiently for smaller portions of food.

The main problem with a small electric deep fryer is its recovery time when cold food is put into the hot oil.

Frying longer shaped food items might be a bit of problem. Putting 2 pieces of fish fillet side by side might be awkward due to its small size oil chamber. Larger size food items might not fit properly into the small frying chamber.

If you’ve finally decided on buying a mini deep fryer, this brings you to the next question. So, which is the best small deep fat fryer to buy for home use?

Top Rated Small Deep Fryers

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Mini Electric Deep Fat Fryer

4 cups oil capacity Presto electric deep fryer

This FryDaddy deep fryer is a very basic simple electric deep fryer. It is great for those who loves simplicity. There are no confusing switches to press.

Simple and fuss-free, it makes a great good deep fat fryer for beginners too.

If you are looking for a quick, fuss-free and simple way to fry small batches of food stuff using as little oil as possible, then the FryDaddy Presto mini deep fryer is for you.

It is a one piece fryer machine with a snap-on lid and a scoop as well as a magnetic power cord. There is no frying basket included. This is no big deal since this is a small capacity oil fryer. It does come with a slotted scoop for lifting out the food.

There is a snap-on plastic lid to cover your used oil when storing. You have to make sure the oil has cooled down before you can use the cover. The lid being plastic, is not meant to be used while deep frying.

The attached handle makes it easy to carry it around.

It comes with built-in thermostat control, there is no adjustable temperature control. All you have to do is plug in the machine, switch on the power. When oil has reached 350 degrees F, the light goes off. Whenever the temperature drops, the signal will light up again.

After preheating oil for about 15 minutes, then just add in the food. The machine will auto control the temperature of the boiling oil.

There is a marking for maximum amount of oil to fill up.

It operates on a 4:4 oil to food ratio, meaning that you can cook 4 big servings in 4 cups of oil.

There is no auto-shut down when food is done. You’ll have to keep an eye on them during the frying process.

Cleaning up is simple and hassle-free as the fryer comes with non-stick surface both inside and outside.

It operates at 1200 watts and 120 volts.

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use
  • Built-in thermostat for oil temperature control
  • Only 4 cups oil needed, saves on oil
  • Great for single/small portions
  • Compact size makes storing easy (measures out-of-the-box 8.13″W x 8.38″D x 7.38″H) The fryer weighs 3.02 pounds
  • No removable oil pot. However, at this price, it’s not really a complaint
  • Large size food items might not be cooked to satisfaction, it’s more suitable for smaller bites like French fries, meat cutlets etc.

There is another larger capacity Presto countertop electric deep fryer which uses 6 cups of oil and operates at a slightly higher wattage at 1500 watts.

This Presto 05411 GranPappy 6 cups Electric Deep Fryer measures 10.8 x 10 x 9.1 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds.

Check price Presto FryDaddy

Waring DF55 Professional Mini 1-2/7-Pound-Capacity Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer Review

Waring DF55 Professional Mini 2 qts Oil-Capacity Stainless-Steel Deep Fryer

2 qts oil capacity Waring Pro small deep fryer

This small deep fryer comes with an oil capacity of 2 quarts (about 1.9 liters) and a 1-2/7 pound food capacity.

Compared to the Presto FryDaddy fryer mentioned above, this stainless steel fryer comes with a few different user-friendly features.

It has a removable enamel oil pot that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

It has an adjustable temperature control knob. There are ‘power’ and ‘ready’ indicator lights. After switching on the power, you can then adjust the temperature knob to your desired temperature. The green ready light lights up once the desired temperature is reached.

There is also a heavy mesh fryer basket with collapsible handle. The basket measures 6″L x 5.5″W x 4″H. The basket and handle is dishwasher safe. The lid is also dishwasher safe.

You can wipe the control panel with a damp microfiber cloth.

It has 1500 watts immersion style heating elements whereby the heating elements are exposed and covered in the oil during cooking. This gives faster heating up and recovery time. The oil container comes with a minimum and maximum oil level marking.

There is a pouring spout at one corner of the machine for you to drain out the cooled oil. After filtering, you can store in this Stainless Steel 6 Cup Fryer’s Friend oil container.

The stay cool handles makes it easier to lift up cover/lid/basket.

[alert-warning]Do not exceed 60 minutes ON time within a period of 2 hours[/alert-warning]

Compared to the FryDaddy where the plastic lid cannot be used during frying, it is recommended that you keep the lid of the Waring deep fryer closed throughout the frying process. This helps in controlling the oil splatters as well as the odor.

The Waring fryer comes with safety features.

Its 120V breakaway cord ensures that cord separates from the fryer body with just a thug. This prevents the appliance from toppling which can be dangerous.

The control panel which is joined to the heating element has to be properly mounted and safely locked into place for the machine to operate.

The appliance comes fitted with a thermostat overload protection feature. When the oil gets heated up above the recommended frying temperature, the machine automatically shuts down. When this happens, you’ll have to reset the fryer again.

When the fryer has been switched on for 12 minutes without the addition of any oil, then it will automatically shuts down. Resetting is required.

Covered lid reduces oil splatters and odor.

  • Very easy to clean – All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable temperature with ready indicator light
  • Oil heats up quickly, holds heat well
  • Thermostat overload protection prevents overheating of oil
  • Oil container comes with pouring spout
  • Safety interlock feature ensures that control panel and heating element are properly mounted before operating
  • Lid minimizes oil splatters
  • Compact fryer machine
  • Magnetic power cord detaches too easily
  • No charcoal odor filter



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