Lidore Oil Less Air Fryer Review

Lidore Hot Air Fryer With RotisserieUPDATE : No Longer Available

Can you roast a whole chicken in the air fryer? An air fryer with rotisserie feature makes roasting or grilling a whole chicken super easy.

The meat cooks in its own fat with no additional oil needed.

Do check out this 22 pounds cooking capacity Lidore oil less air fryer review to see how you can easily roast one whole chicken using hot air.

The multiple air frying accessories that come together with the Lidore hot air fryer is really a very good plus point.

Even the popular Philips hot air fryer does not come with so many included accessories.

Lidore Air Fryer with Mutiple Air Fryer Accessories

Lidore Oil Less Air Fryer Review

Lidore Oil Free Air Fryer with 8 Cooking Modes

The Lidore oil-less air fryer is one such airfryer with rotisserie feature.

An air fryer that comes with additional accessories opens up more cooking options than if just the air fryer with cooking basket alone.

Besides the main removable non-stick cooking pot, the Lidore air fryer with rotisserie comes with 6 included accessories that make it possible to cook practically every type of foodstuff with ease.


Air Frying Accessories For Lidore Air Fryer

Lidore Air Fryer Accessories

The 6 included air fryer accessories are:

  • Rotating Baking Cage/Basket
  • Tongs
  • Steak Cage
  • Low/High Rack
  • Chicken Fork/Rotisserie
  • Baking Pan

Roasting Chicken

As for roasting your whole chicken, you can use the chicken fork or just put it in the non-stick pot. It will need about 45 minutes at 360 degrees F.

It needs some experience to attach the chicken to the rotating chicken fork. Initially, you might have some difficulty and need someone to help out.

The 360 degrees rotation ensures more even cooking.

Baking Cage

The bake cage can be used for cooking smaller cuts food items such as French fries, popcorns or grilled vegetables. This cage rotates 360 degrees for even cooking.

Steak Cage

Toasted sandwiches turn out great using the steak cage. Grilled chicken wings, fish fillet or steaks can be done using the steak cage. Any type of meat can be barbecued in the steak cage. You can fit about 6 chicken drumsticks in the steak cage. The drumsticks will cook in about 35 minutes at 320 degrees F.

The steak cage rotates 360 degrees during the cooking process. You can open it halfway during cooking if you wish to apply another coat of seasoning.


These can be done using the low or high rack too. Place the rack on the non-stick pot with the food to be cooked arranged on the rack in a single layer. Excess fat will drip out onto the pot below. Chicken wings grilled on the racks take about 12 – 15 minutes.

The racks add another layer for cooking. The food which cooks faster is placed on the top rack with the longer cooking time food item below.

Baking Pan

Baking a chocolate cake using the baking pan will take about 20 minutes at 320 degrees F. Besides baking a cake, you can bake fish fillet, bacon and even pizza, a highly versatile piece of air fryer accessory.


The tongs help in easy handling of the hot accessories, whether removing or putting back in .

Do check out the video at the bottom of the page showing the different uses of the air fryer accessories. However, the video shows another brand with similar design. Do take note that the skewer rack and frying pan shown in the video are not included for the Lidore air fryer.

Large Cooking Capacity 22 Pounds

This electric low fat fryer comes designed with 8 cooking modes with adjustable temperature of between 120 – 440 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a large cooking capacity of 22 pounds or about 9.5 quarts.

Compared to the Tefal Actifry 2.2 pounds capacity low fat fryer or the 2.6 pounds cooking capacity Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Advanced XL fryer, the Lidore hot air fryer has an extra large cooking capacity, perfect for large families.

Cooking Choices

Lidore Air Fryer with removable 22 pounds non stick cooking pot

Lidore Air Fryer with removable 22 pounds non stick cooking pot

Having the choices of 8 preset cooking modes which automatically adjust the time and temperature will be good for someone just starting out on hot air frying.

All you have to do is just press the right button and the air fryer does all the hard work for you.

The turbo fan assisted heat circulation, heating element and its 360 degrees cooking

The Rosewill hot air fryer is another hot air multi cooker that also comes with 8 preset cooking modes but with only the much smaller 2.6 quartz cooking basket.

When you’ve become more experienced in using the air fryer, you can start experimenting cooking all your favorite recipes. Roast, bake, air fry, grill, toast or steam features enable multiple cooking choices with just one cooking appliance.

Using the fry mode for your fried chicken wings using the wire rack takes about 15 minutes.

French fries or egg rolls can be cooked in the rotating bake cage, fuss free and hands free.

It is very easy and convenient to use, food can be straight from freezer to fryer. There is no need to preheat or defrost, cooking starts immediately.

The see-through cover makes it easy to check on the food.

Cooking timer can be set from 0 – 120 minutes

Lidore Oil Free Air Fryer Safety Features

Suction cup feet prevents sliding or slipping on your countertop.

The double insulation main body remains cool to the touch.



Air Fryer measurements : About 13.75″H x 17″L x 14″W

Weight : 16.3 pounds

Wattage : 1300 watts


1 year limited warranty

Who Should Buy The Lidore Oil less Air Fryer

Declutter your small kitchen with this all-in-one cooking appliance, the rotisserie multi cooker hot air fryer. When you’re tight in counter space, the air frying machine with its multiple uses is just perfect for you.

Once you’ve tried a few recipes, you ‘ll be able to adjust the time and temperature to cook new recipes. The choice is limitless. If you don’t have an oven, then it’ll be even more useful to you.

If you have a large family or loves cooking for parties, then this large capacity air fryer solves your problem of having to air fry in batches.

No splatter and no oily mess to clean up, the busy moms will love this hot air fryer that comes with so many accessories and cooking options.

Families with kids or the elderly with delicate digestion should really use the air fryer for its low fat cooking. Low fat French fries are healthier than those deep fried in lots of oil.


Judging from the customers’ Lidore air fryer reviews, juicy and flavorful roasted or grilled chicken, oil free French fries, healthy fried food etc. are their satisfying cooking results.

Just like the other hot air fryers in the market, some trial and error in testing the best time and temperature is necessary. The size of your food will also affect the cooking time and temperature. Once you’ve got that right, then you’ll find that you can’t go without your air fryer.

This Lidore large capacity air fryer is great for large families. There are customers of other smaller capacity fryers who bought 2 fryers to cook enough food for their larger families. With this air fryer, you won’t need to buy 2.

At this price, this low fat air fryer with 6 accessories is indeed a good buy. These accessories do not come cheap if bought separately. Just check out the Philips air fryer accessories and you’ll agree.


Video On the Usage Of The Air Fryer Accessories

Skewer rack and frying pan shown in the video are not included in this Lidore air fryer package

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