Tefal Actifry Low Fat Multi Cookers – Which Model For Me

Tefal Actifry Low Fat Multi CookersThe earliest version of Tefal hot air fryers is the Tefal Actifry Original created in 2007 in France.

Compared to when the air fryer was first released into the market, the price is now more affordable.

Subsequent models come with improved features compared to the original model.

Now, you can choose between these different models of Tefal Actifry low fat multi cookers :

  • Actifry Express XL Snacking AH951 with 3.8 lbs (1.7kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry Express XL with 3.8 lbs (1.7kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry Express Snacking FZ751 with 2.6 lbs (1.2kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry  Family with 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry 2 in 1 with 3.3 lbs (1.5kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry Plus with 2.6 lbs (1.2kg) cooking capacity
  • Actifry original FZ710 with 2.2 lbs (1kg) cooking capacity
  • Tefal Fry Delight with 1.8 lbs (0..8kg) cooking capacity
  • Tefal Actifry Mini with 1.3 lbs (0.6kg) cooking capacity

These are all manufactured in France.

However, not all models are available in USA. Certain models are only available in Europe and Asia.

For those who love deep fried food but worry about the fat ingested, then the Tefal Actifry low fat fryer would certainly appeal to them as much less oil would be consumed.

You cut back on fat and calories when you air fry instead of deep fry.

You can also expect splatter-free and odorless cooking with hassle-free clean up.

What Are The Improvements Of The Newer Actifry Express Compared To The Older Actifry Original

The Tefal Actifry Express comes with improved patented new technology.

With this new improved technology, you get:

  • Better aerodynamic flow of hot air
  • 40% more hot air than the original ActiFry thanks to a patented new high-performance turbine
  • Regular electronic temperature control to prevent unnecessary heat loss in the cooking area – heat stability is improved.
  • Cooks 9 minutes faster compared to older model
  • Auto stop when cooking is completed

Tefal Actifry Express XL Snacking Large Capacity Air Fryer



The Tefal Actifry Express XL Snacking AH951 comes with a 1500 wattage compared to 1400 watts of the original Actifry. Higher wattage results in faster cooking.

The newer Express XL comes fitted with a higher temperature of 356°F (180°C) compared to the 338°F (170°C) of the original model.

When cooking fresh fries, you get to cook 30% faster using the newer Express XL Actifry. 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of fries can be done in less than 30 minutes.

You get to cook more too. It comes with a larger 3.8 pound (1.7kg) cooking capacity. The original model only has a 2.2 pound capacity.

With the Express, you get to cook up to 1.7kg (3.8 lbs) of tasty crispy french fries compared to the 1 kg (2.2 lbs) in the original older model.

4 – 6 raw chicken drumsticks will take about 20 – 22 minutes to be cooked.

The snack accessory (not available with the old original fryer) that comes included with the Express xl actifry fryer set makes it possible to cook homemade breadcrumbs (nuggets, kroketten, spring rolls), steaks and fragile meals (samosas, fish fillets). So, you get more choices of recipes.

The stirring paddle will break up your fragile meals and battered food.

When using the snack accessory, you can’t use the stirring paddle. The snack accessory slots into the space meant for the paddle. So, you cannot use both of these accessories at the same time.

The mixing/stirring paddle now comes with a maximum line marking for food ingredients.

The Express XL has a full transparent lid to check on your food. Be careful as the lid does get hot during use.

With the original model, when timer beeps and stops, the power is still on and will continue cooking until power is switched off. The new Express fryers come with auto stop feature.

How Does The Actifry Low Fat Fryer Work?

New Improved Patented Actifry Technology

  • The Actifry uses a rapid hot air flow cooking system with the hot air flowing at a rate of 10 meters per second.
  • A constant temperature is transmitted throughout the cooking chamber.
  • The automatic stirring paddle gently stirs the food ensuring even cooking.
  • Higher cooking temperature of 356°F (180°C) ensures faster cooking time

Tefal Actifry Low Fat Multi Cookers For Low Fat Meals

T-fal, FZ700251, ActiFry Low-Fat Fryer and Multi-Cooker, BlackThe air fryer is considered a healthy low fat fryer as only 1 tablespoon of oil is all that is needed to cook 1 kg of crispy French fries that only contain 3% fat. Compare this 3% fat with the 9% when using the oven, 13% in a microwave oven and 14% in a traditional deep fat fryer.

The great advantage of the Actifry is its total hands free approach as it comes with an automatic stirring paddle.

With no preheating needed as well as no stirring or shaking of food required, using your Actifry is convenient and hassle-free.

The auto-shut feature adds to its convenience. (The older original model doesn’t come with this feature)

Put in your food ingredients in the removable non-stick ceramic pan, add a tablespoon of oil, then press the cooking program you’re using. That’s all you have to do. The fryer takes over. Wait for the beeping timer alert when food is ready.

The full transparent glass lid makes it easy to check on your food cooking inside the fryer.

MyActifry app

Download the MyActifry app for hundreds of mouth-watering Actifry recipe suggestions for the whole family.

You’ll never run out of ideas for delicious recipes to cook – Provence-style Prawns, Sesame Salmon, Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Tajine with Preserved Lemons etc.

Starters, main meals, desserts – all can be easily cooked in the Actifry low fat multi cooker with little to no fat.


As for its guarantee, it depends in which country you buy your air fryer. You get 2 years in France, 1 year in Canada and 1 year in USA.


  • Safe to use – no hot oil splashes
  • Easy to use – just press the appropriate cooking program icon. The digital timer and temperature will auto adjust
  • Versatile cooking
  • Healthy cooking
  • Odorless – cooker comes with odor filter – no strong smell of oil during and after cooking
  • Auto stop when cooking is done – no over cooking of food (except for Original model)
  • Lid, ceramic pan, filter and paddle are dishwasher safe
  • Large steam-free transparent viewing window to check on food


  • Bulky in size
  • Not cheap


This is a great cooking appliance for busy moms. Safe, fast, healthy, tasty cooking is indeed appealing.

With the Actifry, you have plenty of healthy possibilities.

If you’re cooking for a large family, then the Express Actifry XL and the Express XL Snacking meant for 6 – 8 persons would be a good choice.

The Actfry mini and the Actifry original cater to 1 or 2 persons and would be just perfect for singles or college students.

You can read Actifry original air fryer review here.

Video On Actifry Express


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